No, it’s not Broadway. It’s Steubenville.

If you are a fan of ‘the theater’ you won’t need to leave town this month to be entertained!  Upcoming in March are three popular and diverse plays being offered by our local educational institutions.


Coming up first Shrek, the Musical, based on the 2001 DreamWorks film ‘Shrek’ and William Steig’s 1990 book ‘Shrek, is being presented by Steubenville High School on March 23th, 24th & 25th at the high school auditorium.   Shrek, the Musical, is a story set in a mythical “once upon a time” sort of land where a green orge named Shrek has retreated to an ugly swamp to live out his life in happy isolation, until evil Lord Farquaad exiles a gang of fairy tale beings to ‘his’ swamp.  In order to get them out, Shrek strikes up a deal with Farquaad (who wants to become the King) to rescue Princess Fiona, who is awaiting her true love in a tower guarded by a fire-breathing dragon.  So Shrek and a very loud talking donkey set out and rescue the princess, but once they head back with Fiona, it starts to become apparent that not only does Shrek, an ugly orge, begin to fall in love the lovely princess, but Fiona has a huge secret of her own.



Steubenville Catholic Central will present The Wizard of Oz on Friday, March 31st, Saturday, April 1st and Sunday April 2nd at Lanman Hall in Catholic Central High School.   The Wizard of Oz, of course a classic, is a story well known by most.  A beloved favorite through the generations.  However, just for those of you who may be from another planet, The Wizard of Oz is a story about Dorothy and her dog, Toto, who live in Kansas, but are supposedly ‘whisked’ away in a Tornado to the magical Land of Oz, where she encounters all sorts of characters including a good witch and a bad witch. She befriends the Scarecrow, who wants a brain; the Tin Woodman, who desires a heart; and the Cowardly Lion, who is in need of courage. Along with her newly found friends, she sets out on her quest along the ‘Yellow Brick Road’  to reach the ‘Wizard’ in hopes that he will get her back home to Kansas.  Many adventures unfold along the way and ultimately the audience learns valuable ‘lessons’ through the characters experiences and realizations.   No wonder this story is timeless.



Last, but definitely not least, will be Franciscan University of Steubenville Drama Department’s production of Bernard Pomerance’ The Elephant Man to be  presented Friday, March 31st, Saturday & Sunday, April 1st & 2nd,  Friday, April 7th, and Saturday & Sunday, April 8th & 9th at the Anathan Theatre in Egan Hall at the University.  Bernard Pomerance’s play ‘The Elephant Man’ is based upon a 19th-century London, England historical figure named Joseph Merrick who was severely deformed. His deformities were so great that many called him the elephant man. During his lifetime, he was rejected by family and society and exhibited in various events.    In the play ‘John’ Merrick is a star freak show attraction in traveling side shows until he comes to the attention of Dr. Frederick Treves who takes him under his care .  He (Merrick) is introduced to London society and slowly evolves from an object of pity to an urbane and witty favorite of aristocracy and literati only to be denied his ultimate dream, to become a man like any other.   Pomerance uses the presence of Merrick to expose hidden faults of some of the characters and issues present within the play.  The main themes of ‘The Elephant Man’ are fear, human condition, and alienation and loneliness.


So if you are looking for a whimsical fantasy, a classic or something a bit darker, there is a play for you. Or maybe you will want to see all three!

Whatever the case, the Drama Departments of these three educational institutions never fail to put out excellent productions with very talented casts.  And you don’t even have to leave town to enjoy them.

For more details on these three plays and other events and activities in the area go to the Events Calendar on this website.



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A Look Ahead at some Exciting Events!

With this beautiful weather, many thoughts are going toward Spring.  And even though it is not here yet, and we may well have some ‘rough’ weather prior to its arrival, it is not too soon to think about and plan for the upcoming events and activities that will be here before we know it.

Yet this month, if you like music (and who doesn’t), you won’t want to miss Retro Night featuring hits from the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s, a fundraiser for Ohio Valley Youth Network at 6:30pm on Saturday, February 25th at the Fellowship Hall, First Westminster Presbyterian Church, 235 N. Fourth Street.

Coming up next month, there is a little something for everyone, including the 2017 Home & Garden Show, March 3-5, this year at the new location of St. Florian Hall, Luray Drive in Wintersville;  St. Patrick’s Day fun with the 6th Annual Benefit for the Jefferson County Humane Society hosting St. Patrick’s Dueling Pianos Party on March 17th at St. Florian Hall in Wintersville and on March 18th,  the 8th Annual Campbell-Dickinson Run/Bike/Walk & Noah Long Kid’s 1K Fun Run, as well as St. Baldrick’s Shave Off at the TEMS Building, 201 S. 4th Street, Toronto.  Another Annual Fundraiser during March is the AIM Women’s Center Banquet on March 20th at 6:00pm at St. Florian Hall, Luray Drive, Wintersville.  And don’t forget the March “What’s Up Downtown” on the 29th of the month at the Fort Steuben Hotel Ballroom, North 4th Street, Steubenville.

April may well bring showers, but this year will also bring the 12th Annual Child Advocacy Fundraising Dinner on April 1st at St. Florian Hall, Wintersville.  Also two favorite yearly ‘shows’ come up in April – the Spring Quilt Show at Fort Steuben Visitor Center, which runs from April 3rd to the 14th and the Steubenville Art Association Spring Art Show, running from April 22 to May 6th, at Eastern Gateway Community College, Steubenville.   And if you like to read, a definite must for you is the Pleasant Hills School House Historical Museum Book sale, taking place at 3125 SR 213 Steubenville on April 8th.

May takes you from a relaxing “Tea for Two” event at the Elizabeth House Tea Room 438 Union Street, Mt Pleasant, on May 20th to an uplifting ‘rollicking’ good time at the long awaited opening night of the 2017 Fort Steuben Concert Series on May 25th at the Berkman Amphitheater in Fort Steuben Park, at 6:30pm.  Historic Fort Steuben also has its annual Fundraising Dinner on May 10th at the Hellenic Hall of the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church.

Then look out for June when things really get moving, but more on that another day!

No excuse for complaints of ‘nothing to do’ are allowed, so if any or all of these events ‘suit your fancy’ check our Events Calendar on this site for more details on them, as well as additional events.  The Calendar is updated regularly, so check back often.


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Missing the Nutcrackers? Then head to Drosselmeyer’s Nutcracker Shoppe!

The ‘citizens’ of the Steubenville Nutcracker Village may be on hiatus for now, but if you have developed an ‘addiction’ for them and are seriously missing them, there is no need to go ‘Cold Turkey’ until they return.

Drosselmeyer’s is a year-round Christmas shop with a fantastic selection of large and small nutcrackers of many different designs and origins (even an entire nutcracker collection you can fit in the palm of your hand with their Russian nesting dolls).   In addition to the nutcrackers they have many other wonderful items such as mugs, shirts, ornaments, pictures, magnets, and  more.

You also want to be sure to satisfy your craving for some Steubenville Company Popcorn while you are there.  And with Valentine’s Day quickly approaching you will want to check out their Valentine Gift items.

Drosselmeyer’s Nutcracker Shoppe is located at 155 North Fourth Street, Steubenville, and is open from 9:30am – 6:00pm, Monday through Saturday.

Stop by to shop for a unique and special gift (for someone else or yourself) or just stop in to browse around and visit with the Nutcrackers.  You are likely to run into a familiar ‘Village’ Nutcracker or two there as well.

The Shoppe is owned and operated by the same folks who create the Steubenville Nutcracker Village ‘citizens’, so you are sure to be impressed!





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Fort Steuben Park missing the Nutcrackers!

“POOF”!   The Nutcrackers disappeared the same way they appeared.   Fort Steuben Park is looking pretty lonely and empty now that the Nutcrackers have left.  The beautiful Christmas Tree is still there, but the chalets are empty and closed up for the season as well.

In just a few short months though the grass will be turning greener and the trees will be blooming, the fountain will be up and running and the Park will be alive with tourists as well as locals looking for a lovely place to spend some time.  The Fort itself will be open for the season May 1st and by the end of May the Park will again be filled with music and folks coming every Thursday evening to listen to it at the Berkman Amphitheater.

For now, however, remember that the Fort Visitor Center and Gift Shop is still open Monday through Friday from 10:00am to 4:00pm.  There is always something interesting to look at in the Exhibit Hall and always something special to shop for at the Gift Shop.

In April  the Annual Quilt Show will take place in the Exhibit Hall.  So if you wish to have a quilt on display this year, please get in touch with the Visitor Center.    And for all those who just like to enjoy looking at them, the show runs from April 3rd – 14th, so mark your calendars to come and enjoy the wide variety of old, new, hand and machine sewn quilts.  Every year brings something different and exciting.

As for the Nutcrackers, it will seem like no time at all and they will have returned with ‘reinforcements’ to once again ‘Take Over’ Fort Steuben Park, bringing with them some surprises as well.

Park after Nutcrackers

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Final Weekend for Nutcracker Village at Fort Steuben Park

The 100+ Nutcrackers who took over Fort Steuben Park on November 22nd will be taking their leave on Monday January 9th and will be retiring to their summer resort to plan and tweet among themselves in preparation for next year’s  ‘invasion’ which will without a doubt be exponentially larger and grander.

No one expected last year in 2015 when 37 Nutcrackers descended upon the Park that anything close to what happened was possible.   When we jested that they had ‘invaded’ the Park, we were actually being prophetic, as that seems to be exactly what has occurred.

Their popularity and success has been phenomenal.   These past 6 weeks the Nutcrackers along with the Advent Market, Hay Rides, Trolley Tours, ‘Wooden Hearts’ Nutcracker Musical, Nutcracker Christmas Parade, and Visitor Center Christmas Wonderland and Gift Shop have brought so many smiles, selfies and Christmas ‘memories’ to people of the area as well as folks from quite some distance away, who traveled here specifically to experience the ‘Magic’.

And ‘Magic’ it has been!  That was the word most heard from visitors both last year and this.  A wonderful type of ‘Magic’ which brings laughter and joy to all who experience it.

Even with this year’s event winding down, plans have already begun for next year.  Plans of more Nutcrackers, of course, but in addition, also more events, decorations and surprises!

The Fort’s Visitor Center Christmas Wonderland and Gift Shop will remain open through the remainder of January.  So you still have time to experience that ‘magic’ if by some chance you have missed the opportunity.

So far as the Nutcrackers, we will not be saying “Adieu” just “See you later”.    But until then ‘Stay Tuned’, and visit them at  www.steubenvillenutcrackervillage.com


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2016 Steubenville Christmas Parade Trophies Presented

The 2016 Christmas Parade “Sights & Sounds of Christmas: Nutcracker Magic”  is now a memory.  A very nice one at that. Saturday was a very, very cold day, but many floats, dance groups, organizations, schools and business, and 6 great bands joined us to bring the Christmas spirit and joy to young and old alike.

A great big THANK YOU to all the participants in the parade this year, everyone really put forth great effort to make their entry unique and special!  And ‘Thanks’ to all the folks who ‘braved’ the cold temps to come and watch the parade….we hope you had a wonderful time… we certainly did.  A special “Thanks” also to WTOV9/FOX 9 for once again broadcasting our Parade live, which makes it ‘extra’ special; and for all their other work and contributions which make this parade the success it is!

Today at noon at Fort Steuben Visitor Center the Trophies for the Parade were awarded. The Winners are:

Float Category 1st Place – Steubenville Catholic Schools;  2nd Place – Grand Theater;  3rd Place – The Friendship Room-Center of Hope.

Walking/Dance Category:  1st Place – Main Street Dance Company;  2nd Place – Generations of Steppaz;  and 3rd Place – Brenda Casey Dance Center.

The Grand Prize winner for the Nutcracker Theme is Franciscan University of Steubenville.

CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE! Thank You All for your creativity, time and effort in making this a wonderful parade!


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Last Chance This Weekend!

This weekend will be the last chance this year to visit the Advent Market and attend The Wooden Heart Follies, Steubenville’s Nutcracker musical.

The Advent Market will be open on Friday and Saturday, December 16th & 17th from 4:00pm until 9:00pm and on Sunday, December 18th, from 1:00pm until 6:00pm.

The final presentation of The Wooden Heart Follies will take place at 2:00pm on Sunday, December 18th at the Masonic Hall, 227 North Fourth Street.

The Nutcracker Village and Christmas Wonderland & Gift Shop will continue to be open until January 8th, 2017.

So, if you don’t want to miss out on the great food and craft vendors, the live entertainment, free hayrides, Holly Trolley Tours, and presentation of The Wooden Heart Follies you will need to be sure to come this weekend!

Don’t be one of the few to miss out on all the fun and excitement!

For more information or questions please call:  740.283.4935.


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Parade Day in Steubenville

There will be many activities on Saturday, Dec. 10, when the 2016 Nutcracker Magic Parade sponsored by Eastern Gateway Community College takes place in Steubenville.

Although the weather may be freezing when the 88-unit parade heads down 4th Street at noon, there will be lots of places to stop and warm up and get something hot to drink along the way.

Westminster Presbyterian Church has partnered with Franciscan University to offer free hot cocoa and hot dogs at 235 N. 4th Street; Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church will have a booth set up on S. 4th Street across from the Grand Theater giving out free hot chocolate; Plain Jane’s at 203 S. 4th Street will be offering free hot cocoa and selling hot dogs; at the Grand Theater on S. 4th Street there will be cookies, fudge and stocking stuffers for sale as well as raffle tickets for Christmas baskets. And a special photo opportunity with Santa will be available for a $5 donation to help restore the Grand Theater.

The Advent Market in Fort Steuben Park will open at 11am for early birds. Food vendors will be selling a variety of hot drinks, pulled pork sandwiches, bratwurst and potato pancakes, popcorn, pretzels, cobblers and apple dumplings while artisans will have their crafts and wares on sale.

The Christmas Wonderland in the Fort Steuben Visitor Center will welcome visitors to take a stroll down memory lane and reminisce among the vintage holiday displays or purchase nutcracker-themed items in the Holiday Gift Shop.

The Nutcracker Village sponsored by Trinity Health System, the glorious Christmas tree (well-lit courtesy of Husqvarna) and the glittering Nutcracker Walkway (thanks to M&M True Value) will be the place to go after the parade and into the evening. The First Federal Land Office, decorated for a 19th century Christmas will be open and hay rides and trolley rides will tour the downtown from 5pm to 8pm.

If you have an ugly Christmas sweater, join the party at the Harmonium on Market Street at 8pm.

For more information on the parade and other local events, call 740-283-1787 or go to www.visitsteubenville.com.


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Day by Day the Magic comes to Life

If you have been downtown Steubenville on South 3rd Street in the past week or so, you have most likely noticed all the festive decorations appearing in Fort Steuben Park and on the Fort.

Preparations are underway for this year’s Nutcracker Village/Advent Market, Christmas Wonderland and Gift Shop.

There are so many additional events, displays and decorations that it would be impossible to mention them all here.  (And besides, it would spoil the surprise!)

As the big day for the arrival of this year’s 105 Nutcrackers approaches (just 14 days from now) everyone is scurrying about getting everything prepared and festive to greet them.

The lights are on the arches, some of the huge wreaths have been hung, and the decorations at the entrance of the Visitor’s Center are in place.   Construction of the new and very large impressive Christmas tree at the fountain has begun, as has the building of the Chalets which will house vendors of homemade crafts and decorations, delicious food and treats.

Work inside of the Visitor Center has also begun on the massive Christmas Wonderland displays (with much more to do) and the Gift Shop is close to being fully stocked with exciting and wonderful gifts and souvenirs sure to delight shoppers of every age.

Each day more is added in anticipation of opening night which is ‘Steubenville Lights Up the Night’ on November 22nd, with performances by Steubenville and Catholic Central High Bands, The Casey Dancers and more, as well as free goodies. The Advent Market also opens that night and then is open each Friday, Saturday & Sunday from Thanksgiving through the weekend before Christmas, with live entertainment, hay rides, trolley tours and a few other surprises!

The Nutcracker Village, Christmas Wonderland and Gift Shop runs from November 22 through January 8, 2017.

The Visitor Center is open Monday through Saturday from 10am – 4pm, Sunday 11am – 4pm and additionally the days and hours of the Advent Market.  (Closed December 24th  & 25th  and December 31st & January 1st).

The Schedule for the Advent Market is:


November 22 —– 4-9pm

November 25 & 26—–4-9pm

November 27—–1-6pm

December 2 & 3——4-9pm

December 4——1-6pm

December 9—–4-9pm

December 10—–Noon-9pm

December 11—–1-6pm

December 16 & 17—–4-9pm

December 18—–1-6pm

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‘Wooden Heart Follies’ – a Nutcracker Original Musical

New this year for the Nutcracker Village/Advent Market is an original Nutcracker musical.

Wooden Heart Follies is a delightful production featuring the unique characters that inhabit the area’s newest holiday attraction. With an original script and lyrics based on Tchaikovsky’s famous “Nutcracker Suite,” the musical comedy includes the Mad Scientist, Patrolman Holiday, the Nutcracker Prince, Clara, Miss Adelaide, Vincenzo the Gondolier, Artopoios the baker, and Miss Nelson herself, the creator of the Steubenville Nutcrackers.

Saint Nicholas shows up as well! With an opportunity for audience participation and a share of slapstick fun, the production should become a welcome addition to family holiday traditions.

There will be performances  four Sunday afternoons at 2:00pm on November 17th, December 4th, 11th, and 18th at the Masonic Hall, 227 North Fourth Street, Steubenville. 

Tickets are $7 for adults, $4 for students and little ones under 6 years old get in free.  

Tickets can be obtained at the Steubenville Visitor Center, 120 S. 3rd Street, at the door, or online at woodenheartfollies.brownpapertickets.com.  

For more information please call:  740.283.1787 -or- 740.283.4935.

Below are some behind the scene shots of the cast and Nutcrackers hard at work getting ready for the play!




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