R.W. Dick Phillips Book Signing

Historian and author R.W. Dick Phillips will be signing copies of his latest book ‘Arthur St. Clair: The Invisible Patriot‘ at BookMarx Bookstore on Saturday, July 25th, 2015.

The book sheds light on one of the most influential yet little-known Revolutionary War heroes.  In addition to being one of George Washington’s 30 major generals, St. Clair is also credited with stopping the British Virgina governor from annexing what is currently Pittsburgh in 1774 as well as establishing a judicial system for six states of the Northwest Territory.  St. Clair established Jefferson County and named Steubenville after his friend Gen. Von Steuben.  He is also the namesake for the Ohio city where Phillips currently resides.  Phillips also credits St. Clair as possibly being the true mastermind behind Washington’s famous crossing of the Delaware.

BookMarx Bookstore, is located at 181 N. Fourth Street, and will be hosting different writers and artists each month.

For more information contact BookMarx at 740.282.6100.