“The Chicken Runs at Midnight” – A huge success!

The Chicken Runs at Midnight written by Tom Friend is one of the most inspirational stories of sports and faith ever told. It introduces the reader to a major league baseball coach, Rich Donnelly, whose daughter’s message from Heaven changed his heart and won a World Series.

This nearly unbelievable but totally true story reminds us that God can work in our lives, even when we think it’s too late to change – and sometime He sends us signs from Heaven, if we only have eyes to see.

Rich Donnelly will again be signing the “The Chicken Runs at Midnight”, at Fort Steuben Visitor Center this Thursday, October 18th from 4:00-7:00pm.  The book signing event on October 10th proved to be more successful than anyone anticipated.  So much in fact, that books ran out very early and many more had to be ordered.

There is now a new supply of books for sale. Anyone wishing to purchase a book and have it signed, or if you have a prepaid book from the last event and wish to meet Rich, come to the Visitor Center this Thursday between 4:00pm and 7:00pm.

The book is also available for purchase at Fort Steuben Museum Shop anytime.