Nutcrackers “Rule”

The first Annual Nutcracker Village at Fort Steuben Park is drawing near to a close for this season.  The last day to see the Nutcrackers is Sunday, January 10th.

The success and popularity of this event far exceeded expectations and, of course, planning for next year is already underway. Plans include many additional Nutcrackers (hoping to exceed 100), a bigger, expanded Christmas Wonderland and Christmas Gift Shop, other new and unique Nutcracker events, more Advent Market vendors, and days the Market will be open expanded from five to thirteen, beginning with Light-up Night which will be November 22, 2016.  The Nutcracker Village itself this coming year will be open from November 22nd through January 8th, along with Christmas Wonderland & Gift Shop inside Fort Steuben Visitor Center.

So if you haven’t seen what everyone is talking about yet, you have just a few days left. If you have visited and experienced the ‘magic’ and are anxiously wanting ‘more’ –  “Stay tuned, ‘more’ is on the way and from all indications, it will be BIG”

After all, the Nutcrackers “Rule”!


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