Fort Steuben by Candlelight

Visitors to Historic Fort Steuben this October will have the opportunity to have a unique experience at the Fort akin to what the soldiers and settlers experienced during the dark nights on the frontier.

In the fall of 1786 at historic Fort Steuben, there was nothing beyond the stockade but dark wilderness. The soldiers and surveyors had only the light of their fires and lanterns in which to keep watch. 

On October 2 and 9 starting at 7:00pm, an open house will be held at Historic Fort Steuben and visitors will be welcome to visit after dark for some afterhours history. Participants will learn about the fort, its role in the settling and surveying of the Northwest Territory and what life was like on the Ohio frontier in the late 18th century. The buildings in the fort will be open with guides stationed in each one to interact with visitors and share some history.  After visiting touring the Fort, visitors will be welcome to sit by the campfire to listen to stories and enjoy some refreshments. 

Cost for Visiting the Fort by Candlelight is $10 per person; 12 and under $5. For more information, call the Visitor Center at 740-283-1787.

For information, contact Paul Zuros, 740-283-1787.