Celebrate Women’s History Month!

In recognition of Women’s History Month, Historic Fort Steuben will present an exhibit.   It will run from March 12th through the 23rd in the Visitor Center at 120 South Third Street.

In our local area the pottery industry was very important and for many families it provided an extra income for the women who were able to be employed there.    Judy Bratten, Executive Director of the Fort, is inviting visitors to share their stories of friends or relatives who worked at the Steubenville Pottery, which operated from 1879-1959, to add to the historical records.  They can either write their experiences in a book on site or send in their submissions.

As a part of the exhibit, there will be displayed a table setting of classic Steubenville Pottery as an introduction to the history of the industry. 

The exhibit will be showcasing women who have made an impact in the world.  It will also include information on women from Ohio as well as those born in Steubenville who influenced lives and culture.  Hopefully, after viewing the exhibit, visitors will seek out more information on some of these women and learn about their time and their efforts, as well as be inspired in their own lives.

The Visitor Center is open Monday-Friday, from 10am to 4pm or by appointment. 

For more information call:  740.283.1787.