2022 Reimagining America Exhibit

The national traveling exhibit – “Reimagining America: The Maps of Lewis and Clark” – will open to the public on February 7 at the Fort Steuben Visitor Center, the only time it will be on display in Ohio.

Developed by the Lewis & Clark Trail Heritage Foundation, the exhibit uses large-scale reproductions of historic maps, photos, and explanatory text to show how America looked before the journey of Lewis and Clark, and what it looked like after.

In 1804–06, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark led an expedition from the Mississippi to the Pacific. Their primary goal: to reveal the geography of the West. Using cutting-edge scientific techniques and methods as old as humanity, they created a new portrait of America so persuasive we still recognize it today.

The panels feature seven themes, including Making Maps the Native Way, Making Maps the Scientific Way, and Making Maps the Practical Way. Of interest to educators as well as history lovers, the exhibit can be used as a springboard for programs on discovery, exploration, and map making techniques.

The exhibit, which will run until March 4, adds another dimension to the permanent display and activities presented by Historic Fort Steuben on the Expedition.

“Since 2003, Historic Fort Steuben has provided opportunities to learn about this important part of American history,” noted Executive Director Paul Zuros. “Meriwether Lewis traveled down the Ohio River and stopped in Steubenville at the beginning of the journey, mentioning the city in his journal. We have an extensive display and selection of books on the Expedition and we are now part of the National Park Service’s Historic Trail and Junior Ranger Program. We recently added a thermoformed plastic tactile map that was designed to help Junior Rangers and other visitors with no or low vision perceive the Trail. The Expedition route and coastlines are recessed. A braille caption lists the states the Trail passes through.”

For more information on Lewis and Clark go to Lewis and Clark Story. Historic Fort Steuben is located at 120 S. 3rd Street, Steubenville OH 43952. The exhibit is free and will be open M-F from 10-4; to schedule a visit at another time call 740-283-1787.