Steubenville Flower Coop to hold 2nd Annual Steubenville Garden Tour

Ohio gardeners, rejoice! The Steubenville Flower Cooperative has scheduled its second annual Garden Tour for Saturday, August 14th from 10am to 3pm.

“Last year’s event was great success with rave reviews and I’m excited that this year we have more host gardens and more time to view them all,” explained Alex Renn, Founder, Steubenville Flower Cooperative.

“We’ve got a diverse selection of gardens including the Steubenville Flower Cooperative’s cut flower garden, multiple downtown vegetable gardens showcasing water reclamation, the crowd-favorite landscape garden featured last year, a brand-new gardening and compost center downtown, and more,” Renn added.

The free event requires registration and is well choreographed to allow visitors to rotate through the locations, preventing any one site from getting overwhelmed. Each attendee checks in and receives a map with directions to their starting garden

“The tour is a fun thing to do on a Saturday, but I hope it also inspires people to start their own gardens said Renn.

And visitors from last year’s tour agreed as one commented, “It was really cool to be able to see people’s gardens and talk to them about it. It was nice to hear about people’s passion for gardening and how much time they devote to their gardens. Hearing about how they started helped me feel more comfortable that I may be able to start my own garden one day.”

For more information, contact Alex Renn at steubenvilleflowercoop@gmail.com or 541.829.3036 or find them on facebook or instagram: @steubenvilleflowercoop.