Downtown Steubenville Original DiCarlo’s Pizza Reopens

Di Carlo’s Original Pizza on Adam Street in downtown Steubenville reopens for business today, August 30th, after a lengthy time closed for remodeling and updating their building. 

DiCarlo’s was first opened in 1945 by Primo DiCarlo after coming home from WW II.  Then in 1949 a second store was opened in Wheeling, WV.  Over the years other family-owned and some franchised shops have opened in various locations, including West Virginia, Pittsburgh, Kentucky and South Carolina. When the first DiCarlo’s opened in 1945 the pizza sold for a nickel.

DiCarlo’s pizza is a valley tradition, known as ‘Ohio Valley-style’ or Steubenville-style’, famous for its ‘square cut’, crunchy crust, and cheese and toppings added after the baking. 

After 78 years of pizza making, DiCarlo’s is still offering the original delicious recipe that many, many residents, and non-residents alike, call their “favorite” and the best pizza around. 

Stop in and welcome them back and enjoy a piece, or two or three of wonderful pizza!