Will You Help Name the Singing Nutcracker?

There is a new face among the residents of Steubenville Nutcracker Village who has arrived a bit earlier than the others.  This colorful fellow was created and donated by Scott Campbell of M&M True Value Hardware and his crew of Sean Campbell, Annie Campbell, Walt Winski, Bob Staten, Rickey Flynn and Jerri Slovinski.

This nutcracker looks a bit different from the rest and he is certainly far heftier (weighing in at 300 pounds!).  He is made of a tree trunk and is solid wood.     He also has a unique ability …he can sing!  His mouth moves as he serenades you when you insert a donation and is sure to be a delight for young and old alike.

However, there is a mystery surrounding our new friend.  He arrived without a name!

And there doesn’t seem to be a consensus on what he should be called.

So, we are inviting the public to submit names for the ‘new guy’ and the person whose submission is chosen will win a 2017 Collector’s Edition Nutcracker.   If more than one person has chosen the selected name, the winner then will be chosen in a random drawing.

Come in to the Fort Steuben Visitor Center to see and listen to our new friend and decide what you think his name should be.  There will be a form to complete and a receptacle in which to place your choice at the front desk.

The winning name will be announced the day of the Sights and Sounds of Christmas: Nutcracker Magic 2017 Christmas Parade.

If you want your selection to be considered it must be submitted by November 30th at 4:00pm.




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Fall is a Fine Time to Tour the Steubenville Murals

Fall is a fine time to get out and enjoy the nice weather and all the fun events before winter sets in.

In addition to the Octoberfests, Apple and Pumpkin Celebrations, it is a wonderful time to take a tour of the beautiful and historical murals in Steubenville.

Since the project began in the mid-eighties, there have been hundreds of out of the area tour buses and visitors who have come to town to see the murals.   Ironically, there are many of our local residents who have seen a mural here and there but have never made a point of visiting them all and learning the history they are based on.

There are currently 22 murals.  The newest mural is of the Civil War Telegraph Office with President Abraham Lincoln, his Secretary of War, Edwin Stanton, and David Homer Bates, his telegraph operator.   Stanton and Bates were both Steubenville natives.  In addition, over the past couple years, there have been numerous murals which have been beautifully refurbished to their original condition.

The Murals may be toured in a number of different ways.  Large groups on tour coaches with a step-on guide who will provide a colorful and entertaining presentation of each of the mural’s history and origin as well as other interesting facts and ‘folk lore’.   Also, there is a Trolley Tour of the Murals available for small groups, between 8 – 20 people (organizations, family reunions, or even friends coming together).  The Trolley is used for this tour and also includes a step-on tour guide as with the larger tours.   And for those preferring to ‘do it themselves’ the Visitor Center has a brochure and detailed tour map of the murals available.  There is also an inexpensive booklet for sale at the Visitor Center Gift Shop for those interested in having some history of the murals.

If you are interested in a Mural Tour or have any questions, please contact the Fort Steuben Visitor Center by calling 740.283.4935 or email mary@visitsteubenville.com

Happy Fall Y’all !


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